The Writing Workshop at Berkeley City College

Welcome to the writing workshop, which is not so much a class in writing as it is a class in rewriting.  You can work on essay assignments from any of your other classes, or we can help you develop essay topics of interest to you.  In this class, you won’t have work edited, but will receive individual coaching to develop the skills you need to revise and edit your own work. 

English 208 is a class which counts as elective credit for the A.A. degree at Berkeley City College.  English 258 does not count for the A.A., but it does not require as much work as English 208; it’s a good place to start for those who have been out of school for a while or feel the need to move slowly at first. ESL 218 is a writing workshop class especially designed for speakers of English as a second language.


English 208, English 258, and ESL 218

Favorite Links
 The Online Writing Lab
-  English Department site
 Writing coaches’ site

Writing Workshop Schedule 
Monday 6-8:30 pm (ESL)
Wednesday 4-6 pm
Thursday 3-5 pm
Thursday 6-8 pm
Friday 10-12 am
Friday 9:30-12 am (ESL)
Friday 1-3 pm
Saturday 8-11 am